Why An AR-15 Remains One Of The Best Rifles You Can Get

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Why An AR-15 Remains One Of The Best Rifles You Can Get

3 November 2022
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There are many different types of rifles out there that have sold quite well over the years, but none are quite as prolific as the AR-15, especially when it comes to American homeowners. Why are AR-15 rifles still so popular? Well, there are several deciding factors, from its lower price per average than other rifles and its well-known hardy nature. If you are looking for a rifle to defend your home, kill any predators (such as coyotes), or just own a solid firearm that can do everything, then here are a few reasons why you cannot go past an AR-15 rifle. 

Simple To Maintain

AR-15 rifles have been around for long enough that virtually everything is known about them and all that information is published online and in many different formats. If you have an issue with your AR-15 rifle, then you will know straight away how to fix it with a simple search. If you need additional parts or professional care, then any gun store in the country is going to have you covered. Choosing a popular rifle means that you have many different avenues from which to repair it, and they are all quite simple and easy to access for the vast majority. 

Easy To Buy 

The internet has changed many things, and one of those is how you buy guns. There are many AR-15 rifles for sale online, and this can lead to great deals where rifles are cheaper than you might expect. Online gun sales do have to be shipped to a licensed facility (generally a gun store) in your area, but other than that it is pretty much the same as buying anything else online. As long as you pass the background checks, you can pick up your cheaper gun whenever you want, making it a very easy purchase, especially if you wanted the gun customized and couldn't find that exact type in your area. 

Great For Smaller Shooters

One reason why AR-15 rifles are preferred by so many people with smaller frames is that there is less recoil than a lot of other rifles. While it is still a rifle and shoots bullets far quicker than a handgun, there is less recoil than other, bigger rifles that should have massive bullets. For most people that just want a useable rifle that fulfills their simple needs, an AR-15 is going to do more than enough. You don't have to be small or new to guns to enjoy an AR-15, but if you are then you will likely love it more than some of the other rifles with a more powerful punch. 

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