Using Professional Quality Videos to Market Your Business on Social Media

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Using Professional Quality Videos to Market Your Business on Social Media

12 July 2021
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Social media marketing has become extremely important to many businesses, and creating videos is starting to become more relevant than still images. Working with a social media video production company, such as Chamber Media, to create videos for your marketing campaign can be an excellent option for companies of all sizes.

Creative Services

The first step in creating a video for social media marketing is to develop an idea that will get your business' message to your followers and viewers. Working with a social media video production company with a creative team to help brainstorm ideas for the video can be beneficial. 

The ideas that can come out of a group working on ideas together are often some of the best ones, and you can hone them down until you and the creative team form a great story idea. Once the story idea is set, you need a video team that will put it all together. 

Video Creation

The social media video production company will take the idea you and the creative team put together and turn it into a video that you can use to promote your product, company, or idea on your social platforms. Because video lengths can be different from one platform to another, let the production company know where you will use the videos they create for you.

The production company can often make a full-length video and then trim it to work on another platform or shoot it with several variations for different uses. Knowing where the videos will be used and how long they will be is vital, so determining the most robust social platform your company uses is critical. 

Social media marketing videos can be full productions with models and actors, set construction, post-production editing, and more. A professionally created video may look more like something used on TV, but that is what it takes to get noticed on many platforms. 

Production Costs

When you decide to work with a social media video production company to create marketing and promotional videos, the cost can be significant. Sit down with the production company and discuss your needs and the cost for a project of that size. 

It's true that the price you pay for your video can be high, but the amount of time and work that goes into a professional production makes them expensive to create. While a small company may have budget limits that mean starting with one shorter video on one platform, the traffic a professional video can drive to a website or online store can quickly offset the video production cost, allowing you to create longer, larger videos in the future.

Starting with one video and seeing how it performs is often the best way to begin marketing with professionally create marketing videos.