The Two Most Difficult Aspects Of Legal Services And Solutions That Can Help

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The Two Most Difficult Aspects Of Legal Services And Solutions That Can Help

6 February 2018
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You would think that being a lawyer would automatically equal tons of clients. Not so. Potential clients have dozens of lawyers to choose from, and almost as many legal firms. Ergo, the two biggest problems that law firms and lawyers face are getting clients to commit to hiring them and then retaining those clients. As a lawyer of a law firm yourself, you naturally want to know more about how to go about this. Here are some solutions that can help.

Attorney Marketing Services

As an attorney, you do (or you will) have a lot of money (eventually). That means you can delegate tasks to others, including drumming up business for the firm. There are companies that provide marketing law firm services (i.e., they do all the cold calls, generate leads, give you the leads to follow up on, etc.). You can hire these companies to find interested clients for you, but do you know how to get the clients after that? You may need to pay for an extra service that teaches you how to "hook" the clients.

Marketing Training for Lawyers

Lawyers are in the business of lawsuits and defenses, not business. Yet, a major part of being a lawyer is drawing attention to your practice, getting clients who want you to take their cases, and then retaining those clients for life. If you did not take a "Legal Marketing 101" course in college (and what lawyer-in-training has time for that?), you may need to take such a course now. Thankfully, there are several programs that offer this valuable training for lawyers, and most of them allow you to take the training during whatever free time you have.

You Have the Clients, but You Need to Keep Them

People are fickle; this is true. They may be thrilled to hire you initially, but disappointed that things did not turn out the way that they expected. In these cases, you almost always lose clients, some of which may still owe you money. Then you have to pursue them for the money, and end up with no clients. 

To keep clients, you have to exceed their expectations. To exceed their expectations repeatedly, you have to know how to communicate, and how to address their concerns. You also have to explain to each client what they should expect in regards to his/her case, and the potential outcomes based on what the law states. The more you communicate to educate clients, the more they will trust you and remain clients.