Site Selling Tips: Beginner's Guide To Sell Your Website

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Site Selling Tips: Beginner's Guide To Sell Your Website

30 October 2015
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You have been building your website for some time and are now ready to sell your site. But, before you do, you should make sure you've done everything you can to get the most out  your website. The following guide will give you a few tips to help you sell your website.

Determine Your Site's Value

You should first determine your website's value, and you can do that with the following steps:

  • Multiply your monthly revenue by twelve while subtracting expenses, web hosting, domain names and other fees. 
  • Some websites use twenty-four months instead of twelve to show stability.

You can also have your professional e-commerce specialist help you determine your website value, so that you can determine if you want to sell your site now or if you want to keep working on it to increase the price. 

Tips To Increase Your Value

Consider the following to help increase your website's value:


The first thing you can try to improve is the traffic that your website gets, so consider the following:

  • If you have a blog, make sure your posts are meaty and filled with quality content, as sites with posts like these may do better in the search engines. 
  • Do your best to increase the density of searchable keywords without over-stuffing your website.
  • Try to improve your advertising to reach your niche to enhance the quality of your audience. 

Additional Assets

You should also consider enhancing some of your additional assets, like the following:

  • An active email list, which should begin to improve when you enhance the quality of your audience.
  • Good contracts with suppliers, should your business include that, are valuable to potential buyers.
  • Invest in better quality pieces, meaning that you should hire professional writers to enhance your site. 

Increase Aftersale Value

You should also consider listing incentives that you can offer after you sell your site, as this will prove invaluable to your buyer, so consider the following:

  • Offer support after the website is sold for possible issues that you might be familiar with.
  • Technical support for at least a year should make your offer more valuable to a potential buyer.
  • You can offer to maintain some stake in your website, which will help your buyer think that your site is valuable enough for you to want to continue to be a part of it. 

Remember that you can talk to your e-commerce specialist about other things that you can do to increase your site's value or any other concern that you may have. For more information, try googling "sell my website online."