5 Great Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

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5 Great Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

30 September 2015
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In this day and age, it is vital for your company to have an online presence. Whether you own a landscaping or cupcake business, a blog on your website can increase your customer base. However, if people rarely visit your blog, you will not get the desired effects. Here are five great tips to increase traffic to your blog:

Use the Right Keywords

If you want a lot of people to find your blog on search engines, it is very important to use the correct keywords. To find out which keywords users are searching for the most, type a few keywords in Google's search bar and see what auto-complete suggestions come through. For example, if you own a hair salon, people may be searching for words and phrases such as "healthy hair tips" or "managing frizz."

Update Your Blog Frequently

You can't expect people to keep coming back to your website if you rarely update your blog. In order to keep people interested, you should update your blog at least once or twice a week. If you are having trouble coming up with topics ideas, think about hiring a writer to write guest blog posts.

Write Interesting and Unique Content

Do not write a blog post just for the sake of creating content. If your blog posts contain general information that most people already know, users may stop visiting your website. Take the time to write new and interesting information that can actually help your customers. You can also generate interest by writing from a new perspective or by using humor. 

Respond to Comments

Whether they are negative or positive, you should always respond to peoples' comments on your blogs. This way, they will know you appreciate them reading your blog and take the time to address their questions and concerns.

Create Compelling Titles

Even if you write the most interesting blog post in the world, some people might not read it if the title is boring. The title is what draws readers in, so it should be unique and captivating. For example, if you make a strong claim in the title, such as "5 Proven Ways to Prevent Gum Disease," users will be more intrigued to read the post.

Do not get discouraged if not a lot of people read your blog posts right away. It can take time to build up readership. If you still have trouble attracting readers after a while, think about hiring a digital marketing services company to help you.